Canadian born producer and songwriter Daniel Betancourt, was raised in Colombia. After graduating from High School, he returned to Canada to pursue his music studies and graduated with honors. In 1998 Daniel moved to Miami and worked closely with Latin music producer Kike Santander for many years.


His co-productions with Kike have been nominated 7 times for Latin Grammys with artists such as David Bisbal, Christian Castro, Alejandro Fernández and Rocío Dúrcal. His songs have been recorded by well known artists such as Tamara, Dulce Maria, Pee Wee, David Bisbal, Christian Castro, Olga Tañón, Myriam Hernández and Ricardo Montaner, amongst many others.


Several of his songs, such as "Desilusióname" (Olga Tañón) and "Qué Ganas" (Ricardo Montaner), have landed on Billboard´s top ten. In 2004 ASCAP honored him for "Qué Ganas" in the Pop Ballad category. And in 2008 he was also awarded the Pop Ballad ASCAP award for his song "Desilusióname".


Currently, Daniel produces many independent and signed artists in his own Miami based company DB MUSIC PRODUCTIONS. He is currently a Board Governor of the Florida Chapter of The Recording Academy.